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The Putu Ceramic Bread & Butter Plate is suitable for appetizers, sides, tasting menus and, naturally, your bread and butter - a dish that meets all your small plates needs.

Handcrafted on a man-powered potter's wheel, using raw clay from the mountains of Cambodia, low impact glazes and set in a highly insulated kiln, Cisco & the Sun's 'Earth & Fire' collection has been inspired by and designed using these two raw elements to create a natural ceramic product.

Being handmade, slight variances may exist within each item, giving uniqueness to glaze, size, texture and weight. These variations add depth and beauty to the ceramic craft, signifying their spirit and dissimilarity to the mass produced.

The naturally mined substances and high-temperature firing make these products food safe and non-toxic, as well as microwave, dishwasher, and oven friendly.